Why your Smartphone doesn’t cut it for your business head shot

Two words – Focal Length.
What is Focal Length, you ask? Putting it simply, focal length determines how much magnification a lens provides. A lens with a shorter focal length will show a wider view of a subject and a lens with a longer focal length shows a narrower view of that subject but at a higher magnification.
It is a classic rule of photography that when photographing tightly cropped portraits, in this case a head and shoulder shot for your business website and LinkedIn profile, best results are achieved with longer focal length lenses, minimum 85mm and up. This is because longer focal length lenses compress the distance between the camera and the subject, resulting in more flattering facial features for portraits.
Smartphones typically have fixed focal length lenses with an angle of view of about 60% which is roughly the equivalent of a 35mm lens on a full frame DSLR. This is ample for taking snapshots for your next Facebook post but won’t necessarily highlight your best features for your professional corporate portrait.
Unless you’re fond of distorted facial features, more commonly a rather large, protruding breathing apparatus, aka, your nose, then steer clear of smartphones for head shots.
Besides, your precious time is best spent on what you do best – your business!
Individual corporate portraits cost less than what you may think. So for peace of mind that the correct focal length lens that will make you look good is used, plus the added bonus of knowing that lighting and posing are also taken care of, enquire with me to update yours today!