Why I do what I do

It’s January and the beginning of the new working year. I’m not good at resolutions – why commit to something only in January when you should really be doing it all year round?

However, even though I don’t believe in new year resolutions, this year I’ve vowed to do one thing a little differently. In my business, at least, anyway.

I know what I do and the single most important reason why I do it but I have never really ‘put it out there’, nor have I ever specified to my clients why I truly want to help them in their businesses.

I’m a freelance corporate commercial photographer and I service other businesses to make them look good. But why do I want them to look good? Why should I care what they look like anyway? If they hire me and pay me, that’s a job well done, right?

Wrong! This type of attitude means I don’t care about my work, my clients nor their businesses. I don’t nurture them.

My goal to achieve the right results for each client is driven from the desire to see everyone look the best they can in their respective competitive markets. It will be their point of difference and hence, what makes them stand out and be chosen over another business who doesn’t look as great.

I am so over seeing mug-shot-style or selfie profile photos of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals which don’t reflect the value they’re worth. I am so over seeing poor quality, badly lit and unflattering product photos on e-commerce websites and print marketing material which look like they’ve been taken by a toddler with a Polaroid.

I want to see businesses look GOOD. It’s the reason my profession exists at all!

I advise my clients on personal presentation targeted to attract their audience. I use suitable posing to enhance or disguise features and I employ clear and definite professional lighting techniques to produce glossy, professional photographs to highlight the subject. If the brief gets creative, then that’s when I really come alive.

I love to see businesses flourish and their perceived value increased. I love contributing to their brand and seeing the results the improvements generate. This means my clients’ businesses are evolving and growing and it’s a great satisfaction knowing that I had a part in that.

So, if you made a resolution this year to improve your business, start by improving the quality of your photos. Create a better impression by making yourself, your people, and your products look good. I want you to look good! Your presentation will determine your value and establish the human element behind your business. After all, people don’t deal with businesses, people deal with people.


Starting 2013 with a Vintage BANG!

We can’t wait to edit the rest of this shoot, but we’re busting to post this sneak peek now!

Our first shoot for the year, on location in near 40 degree heat! Caroline and Mike’s Vintage E-Session.


Stilz Fotografika E-Session_6

End of Year Wrap Up

In the final few months of 2012 we have been busy completing many assignments for clients – weddings, portraits and commercial alike.

We begin with some family location portraits with the Wilkes and the Tolhurst families.

Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_14 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_13 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_11 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_10 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_8 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_7 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_6 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_5 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_4 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_2 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_1

Our favourite little newborn was Mia, together with mum and dad, in our studio.

Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_17 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_15 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_16

We shared Rachel and Mark’s engagement…

Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_24 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_19 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_20 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_21 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_22 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_23

…And just because we couldn’t get enough of them, we spent the day again with Rachel and Mark photographing their wedding! Congratulations and thank you.

Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_25 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_18 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_26 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_27 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_28

Our favourite commercial shoot was this product shoot for The Sanctuary Collections. They have unique homewares and gift ideas, check these out!

Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_29 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_30 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_32 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_31 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_34 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_33

We also shared Michelle and Tim’s engagement and we can’t wait for your wedding in February!

Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_36 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_35

We were a part of a couple of beach weddings…

Thank you to Gerry and Matt for allowing us to photograph your beautiful day. 

Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_37 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_38 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_39 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_40 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_41 Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_42

And thanks to Mel and Harry for inviting us to the Central Coast to photograph your wedding. Meeting your wacky bridal party was a true highlight! Here’s just a sneak peek; more to come next year.

Stilz Fotografika Dec blog_43Finally, to complete our work for 2012, here are a small collection of recent pin up shoots both in our studio and on location in Camden and Newcastle. Thank you to all our Pin Up Chicks (and dudes) for 2012. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all and transporting you back to the 1950s. We are excited for what 2013 will bring for more Pin Up Shots sessions, especially in our travelling studios. Watch this space!

Pin Up Shots Dec blog_15 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_3 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_6 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_11 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_12 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_2 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_1 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_5 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_4 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_7 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_9 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_8 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_10 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_13 Pin Up Shots Dec blog_14Thank you to all our wonderful clients and friends. We look forward to sharing another successful year with you in 2013. Happy New Year and God bless.

Francesca. xo   


New Vintage Art Style Album for 2013

Before I post to recap the year that was next week, I wanted to show you this new exciting album for 2013 for weddings and portraits alike.

It’s our new Art Style/Vintage Style Album, uniquely handcrafted with lush fabrics and using binding techniques which you would swear you were picking up an old artist’s sketch book.

This album is printed on traditional art paper, textured or smooth, and the pages can be finished with either an old-fashioned torn edge or kept straight and clean-cut. 

What I love about it is the depth and contrast this paper adds to the images. They literally POP off the page with intense, striking colours.

The sample we have in the studio has a Dupion Silk cover, but we also love the Hemp materials available and genuine leather.

Here is our studio sample. Love!

art album 1 art album 2 art album 3 art album 4 art album 5 art album 6 art album 7 art album 8

The value of a photograph is realised when it’s not there…


This is a photo of my mother, who passed away in 1994, which I have carried in my wallet ever since. It is a copy of a passport photo I took of her in my studio in Italy about 18 months before she died.

As a photographer who has lost a loved one, I’ll be the first to endorse family portraits. I don’t say it often enough though, because I know it sounds bias coming from me. Yes, photographing family portraits makes part of my livelihood, but the true essence goes beyond making a living for myself.

I only wish I had had a family portrait of my family before my mum passed away. The last photo of her and I together was on my 7th birthday. Thank God my cousins were camera buffs back then so it’s thanks to them I have any photos of mum at all.

I know many people think that it’s a bit ‘wanky’ (please excuse the terminology, but this word is thrown around loosely by people when trying to decide on whether to have family portraits done or not) but you will only realise the true value of a family portrait in the very, very long distant future, when the kids have grown up and changed so much or if, God forbid, a member of the family passes on.

Drawing from my own experience, a photo really gains it’s personal, emotional and sentimental value when the subject has diversely changed or isn’t present anymore. Isn’t it sad that only then we think ‘If only we had some professional photos of the family’? From first hand experience, I can tell you that ‘If only’ sucks!

The importance of documenting professionally the constantly changing phases of our family members is significant. I’m not necessarily talking every 6 months, but every three to five years is a good starting point. Kids change so quickly and so do adults, even though we don’t like to admit it. So with the objective of capturing our lives’ many stages, there is no excuse why anyone should shy away from a professional’s camera.   

I and many colleagues have photographed families where a grandparent, parent or even a child has become terminally ill. These families value professional portraits to freeze in time a memory of someone special who may not be with them for much longer. However, not every one is lucky enough to have a pre-warning. That’s why I say that having family portraits is not something to contemplate but to act on, at any given time of your lives, as often as you can.

I also know of many mums and dads favouring photos of their children over a group shot with them in it also. If you think it’s selfish to be in a photo, then don’t do it for yourself. Don’t even do it for the photographer. Do it to create a record of your family, to hand down to your children and your children’s children.  

So every time I open my wallet, this picture of mum stares me in the face as a reminder of the wonderful, strong natured woman she was, of the amazing life she had and that this is one of the very few images by which my son will ever know his grandmother. I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way, and I know the true value of a photograph, especially when it’s not there.

From Gatsby to Go-Go Hair Workshop

Recently Pin Up Shots hosted a special Hair Workshop with talented hairdresser, Dianne Glover.

Dianne showed us how to easily achieve elegant day and night styles, like the divas from bygone eras, from the 1920’s to the 60’s.

Dianne is available for one-on-one training with anyone wanting to further their skills in creating these brilliant creations in hair fashion.

For details and bookings, contact us through our website, www.pinupshots.com.au

Enjoy these shots of the hairstyling processes and the finished result!

Miss Megan, Pin Up

This sweet girl by the name of Miss Megan received one of our Gift Vouchers for her 19th Birthday for a Pin Up Session.  We all had such fun during her shoot and Megan was over the moon when she collected her gorgeous box collection of images and canvas.

For Miss Megan’s shoot we used some sexy lingerie pieces from a wonderful supplier called Shhique Lingerie – www.shhiquelingerie.com.au/ – Check them out gals – we love them!

Don’t forget to visit our website for upcoming workshops and promotions – www.pinupshots.com.au

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