Why I do what I do

It’s January and the beginning of the new working year. I’m not good at resolutions – why commit to something only in January when you should really be doing it all year round?

However, even though I don’t believe in new year resolutions, this year I’ve vowed to do one thing a little differently. In my business, at least, anyway.

I know what I do and the single most important reason why I do it but I have never really ‘put it out there’, nor have I ever specified to my clients why I truly want to help them in their businesses.

I’m a freelance corporate commercial photographer and I service other businesses to make them look good. But why do I want them to look good? Why should I care what they look like anyway? If they hire me and pay me, that’s a job well done, right?

Wrong! This type of attitude means I don’t care about my work, my clients nor their businesses. I don’t nurture them.

My goal to achieve the right results for each client is driven from the desire to see everyone look the best they can in their respective competitive markets. It will be their point of difference and hence, what makes them stand out and be chosen over another business who doesn’t look as great.

I am so over seeing mug-shot-style or selfie profile photos of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals which don’t reflect the value they’re worth. I am so over seeing poor quality, badly lit and unflattering product photos on e-commerce websites and print marketing material which look like they’ve been taken by a toddler with a Polaroid.

I want to see businesses look GOOD. It’s the reason my profession exists at all!

I advise my clients on personal presentation targeted to attract their audience. I use suitable posing to enhance or disguise features and I employ clear and definite professional lighting techniques to produce glossy, professional photographs to highlight the subject. If the brief gets creative, then that’s when I really come alive.

I love to see businesses flourish and their perceived value increased. I love contributing to their brand and seeing the results the improvements generate. This means my clients’ businesses are evolving and growing and it’s a great satisfaction knowing that I had a part in that.

So, if you made a resolution this year to improve your business, start by improving the quality of your photos. Create a better impression by making yourself, your people, and your products look good. I want you to look good! Your presentation will determine your value and establish the human element behind your business. After all, people don’t deal with businesses, people deal with people.


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