“What should I wear for my Corporate Portrait?”

This is one of the more common questions I get asked when a client books a corporate portrait session.

The answer varies but a few important rules don’t. Assuming that you don’t wear a uniform in your business, in which case, there’s your answer, you have to ask yourself two main questions: “Who’s my market and what’s my message to them?”

A profile image gives you the opportunity to connect with your market on several levels and in your photo, a good idea is to mirror your clients and prospects. What do they wear? How do they present themselves?

The philosophy is that we want to see ourselves in the people we do business with. So if you want to communicate with the high end CEO, a well tailored suit, a tie for the gentlemen, a simple neckline and understated jewellery for the ladies, will propel you straight to their office door.

If your business caters for the building sector, for example, the whole corporate attire may be unnecessary but a casual business look would be more appropriate. The gentlemen can loose the tie and the ladies can tone down the suit but one important principle still remains even here: you have to come across as professional.

A few important points to always keep in mind, regardless of what you wear in your photograph, your clothing has to be neat, without creases, it must fit well and be suitable to your body shape and you must feel comfortable in it. Remember that your outfit will also reflect your personality. I can’t stress enough the importance of liking what you wear, otherwise, uncertainty may come across in your photo.

Now, the last and most important thing to ALWAYS wear in your corporate portrait is a sincere SMILE. A good photographer can coax it out of you and will be able to show you and compare different expressions in your photos to choose the best one to suit the final use of your image.

But that’s for another post.

For professional corporate styling, consult a specialised stylist who can advise on what colours best match your skin tone and what styles suit your corporate image: http://mycolourmystyle.com.au/




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