Why your younger self might not be doing you any favours.

As much as we are all attached to that profile photo of our younger selves – a few kilos lighter, smoother skin, more hair – the truth is, clients and prospects expect to see a true (…and current) representation of what we look like from our business profile photo.

People’s appearances slightly change on average every three to five years, so if your online profile photo is older than five years, it’s definitely time for an update.

By maintaining a true representation of yourself through your corporate portrait, you guarantee to start the personal relationship with prospects in honesty. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a meeting expecting to see the ‘Bachelor/ Bachelorette of the Year’, based on the profile photo (okay, that may be a slight exaggeration but you get the drift!) only to find someone not quite matching those Greek god/goddess-like features.

Be true to yourself and most of all, be true to your clients.

What your photo should communicate, is confidence. Why be shy of what you look like now? Feel good about how you look and carry yourself with grace. After all, that’s who your prospect will be dealing with in future so it’s best to instil the trust from the very first meeting.


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