Why I can’t make you look like Brad Pitt…(or Marilyn Monroe).

Because Brad Pitt doesn’t have YOUR awesome personality!
When business people come to the studio for a corporate portrait I often get asked to make them look like a Hollywood superstar. The truth is that through a profile image on a web site or print material, what business people should be communicating to clients and prospects is their PERSONALITY.
People buy from who they know, like and trust. Chances are that when a prospect sees an image of you for the very first time they don’t quite know you. But that image may determine whether they come to like and trust you.
So for that very important reason – TRUST – I can’t make you look like someone you’re not.
I don’t like to manipulate corporate portraits much through retouching because in finally meeting your prospect in person, they need to feel secure that they already know you, or a have a fair idea of your personality and should be able to trust you.
If you displayed a photo of Brad Pitt, they expect to meet Brad Pitt. Then they meet the real you and might feel some distrust in their approach to you. NOT how you want to start a business relationship!
So next time you need to update your corporate portrait, keep in mind that what people want to see is YOU. Be yourself and be honest, remembering that your photo needs to portray your PERSONALITY.

If you feel it’s time to sit under the spotlight and need some advice about how to best represent your personality in a photograph, please enquire with Francesca from Stilz Fotografika on 9680 9823 or francesca@stilz.com.au


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